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Research Emphasis Areas

The Materials and Biomaterials Science and Engineering (MBSE) graduate group offers a multidisciplinary research and training program for doctoral (prioritized) and master-level students at the forefront of the modern revolutions in materials science technology.

We have organized our research into three emphases:

Materials for Sustainability

The Materials for Sustainability emphasis includes materials for energy harvesting, conversion, and storage, as well as sensing, monitoring and treatment of air and water.Materials for sustainability

Materials for Biomedicine

Materials for biomedicineThe Materials for Biomedicine emphasis includes biomimicry, biomaterials and tissue engineering, drug delivery, microfabrication, and bioelectronics for sensing and monitoring.

Materials and Interfaces for Tailored Functionalities

The Materials and Interfaces for Tailored Functionalities emphasis includes creating new organic and inorganic building blocks and corresponding material platforms for novel thermal, mechanical, optical, electronic, plasmonic and quantum behaviors in bulk or at interfaces to enable fundamental studies and technological advancements.Materials and interfaces for tailored functionalities