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The MBSE Seminar Series occurs weekly during the fall semester only. In fall 2023, seminars will be at noon on Mondays in GLCR 130 and via Zoom.

If you want to be included in the MBSE Seminar distribution list, please contact Beth Nowadnick.


MBSE Seminar Schedule Fall 2023 

Sept. 11  Dr. John Harter, University of Californa Santa Barbara

"Electronic nematic order in the normal state of strontium ruthenate"


Sept. 18 Sergio Romero Garcia & Muhammad Shattique, University of California Merced


Sept. 25 Dr. Jafar Orangi, Amprius Technologies


Oct. 2 Dr. Seung Sae Hong, University of California Davis

"Freestanding complex oxide membranes and heterostructures"


Oct. 9 Dr. Santosh KC, San José State University

"First-principles calculations of 2D materials"


Oct. 16 UC Merced


Oct. 23 Dr. Alex Yasha Yi, University of Michigan

"Integrated silicon photonics chip for applications on artificial intelligence and renewable energy"


Oct. 30 Dr. Xavier Banquy, University of Montreal

"Biomaterials and structured interfaces"


Nov. 6 Dr. Richard Laine, University of Michigan 

"Sustainable energy from rice hull ash"


Nov. 13 Dr. Sayeef Salahuddin, University of California Berkeley

"Materials for energy-efficient electronics"


Nov. 20 Dr. Ali Emamjomeh, HP

"3D Printing"


Nov. 27 Dr. Emmanuel Onyegam, Intel

"Exploring the synergy between AI/ML and VLSI design"


Dec. 4 Dr. Joelle Frechette, University of California Berkeley

"Soft matter and interfaces"

MBSE Seminar Schedule Fall 2022

Sept. 12 Dr. Roberto Andresen & Dr. Aleksandr Noy, University of California Merced

Revealing molecular architectures for wet adhesion" by Dr Andresen & "Nanofluidic Transport in Carbon Nanotube Channels” by Dr. Noy

Sept. 19 Dr. Timothy Long, Arizona State University

“Designing Advanced Materials for Advanced Manufacturing: Striving for Sustainability”

Sept. 26 Dr. Gang Lu, California State University Northridge

"Electronic Excitations in Materials: A First-Principles Perspective "

Oct. 3 Dr. Keith Ray, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

"Materials Origins of Decoherence in Quantum Information Devices”

Oct. 10 Dr. Sasikanth Manipatruni, Kepler Computing

"Materials for beyond-CMOS computing"

Oct. 17 Dr. Clare Yu, University of California Irvine

"Spatial Distribution of Tumors and Immune Cells in Tumors"

Oct. 24 Dr. Eray Aydil, New York University

"Changing the Sun: Quantum Cutting Materials to Increase the Efficiencies and Lifetimes of Silicon Solar Cells"

Oct. 31 Dr. Taylor Ware, Texas A&M University 

"4D printing"

Nov. 7 Dr. Phil Messersmith, University of California Berkeley 

"Design, Interfacial Mechanics and Applications of Mussel-Inspired Polymers"

Nov. 14 Dr. Markus Valtiner, Vienna University of Technology

"Applied Interface Physics and Bioadhesion"

Nov. 21 Dr. Kara McCloskey, Dr. Andrea Merg & Dr. Jennifer Lu, University of California Merced

"Material stiffness directs diverging vascular fates" (by Dr. McCloskey)

"Energy storage devices for low-temperature applications and for residential solar energy storage" (by Dr. Lu)

Nov. 28 Dr. Qiming Wang, University of Southern California

"Bio-inspired materials"

Dec. 5 Dr. Audrey Dussutour, Université Toulouse, France

"Problem solving in slime molds: from decision making to learning"